Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It all started with ramu (rammohan) & sri five years back where we laid paths for our future together, ram & me have opposing views even then we are together in mugging and specially in watching movies. Time passed with out noticing in preparing for exams of this competitive world. Time came for us to be apart but little hope we will end up in same kept us going.

Our dreams came true, we ended up in IITM. We saw the fruits of our determination and hard work. Every thing seems so beautiful and we are in wonder land, with people from different cultures, languages and behavior. Sri the stud boy of the whole IITM 2006 batch was so cautious about every minute aspects of life that made him to achieve that status in our minds (stud boy). Made lot of friends and in those there are few who are close to my heart, raghu , ravi, ram and me are a group. In first year I spent half of my time in ravi’s room. We were the inseparable four but it’s all a dream,

We landed up in different hostels.

Entered the class for chemical engineering everything is very new, searched for some gults and seated beside them they turned out to be Gopi, neelam, dhanno, paul and pandu latter we became the bewaars gumble of chem (jus kidding) expect the stud boys paul and dany we sat in last benches and farted for these four years, did some amazing calculations on humans life (prefer not to mention). This guys company has given me the strength to laugh in dreary existence.

Its the first day of fitting work shop, saw a guy bedside me, who is enthusiastically doing filing, murmured “chi e solu pani cheyal.”, that guy turned to me and asked r u a gult, all the died spirits within me raised to their maxim.. that I s chaitu and meet varun through him, these guys taught me a lot, in each and every aspect of life.

Ganga the unforgettable part of my life saw a guy who always have book in hand or doing some coding on comp, He is Badam “king of the wing” as he claims. Showed me how hard work and talent both goes hand in hand and inspired me in setting goals for my life.

Started eighth sem with a thought that we are going to be apart, my eyes started tearing, I know I am not going to see this guys as often as I do now, in few cases for at least 2 years from now. After all these four years with all these guys, I need to start a new life which I never imagined to be. Now I am becoming so childish, I can’t help it they are one of the biggest part of my life. To all u. guys… my wishes for ur future. Now all these four years are becoming into sweet memories of my life. I keep them with me till my last breath.

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Anonymous said...

hey Chidvi you are so lucky...you have such sweet n adorable frnds.....

well its really difficult to find true n pure love in this world...

U know some people are god sent :).....

Good Post ...!!