Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day of presentations

Wanted to add one beautiful memory to list

November 20th, 2005, memorable day of my life. The reason being on this day i spent nearly all the day with my chem gumble never got a chance like that in IITM. Thanks to the Prof. for this. Day has started so early for most of our classmates because of presentations in Mass transfer starts at 8am. There are nearly more than 30 teams to do presentation, which took nearly 8 am to 5 pm that day. It's in our seminar hall which is very comfortable to crash. Every team has 30 min's, u can imagine how painful it is.. ..and for people who put night out for this.... its totally a hang over so most of u choose to stay at the back on the floor, so that no one can see us.. few crashed, remaining people started farting, but few who are most sincere sticked to their seats.. as giving adds for fevicol.

This one of the biggest fart secessions of my life with gopi,neelam, pandu, paul and the only
one on the earth whom I hate and love (dhanno) here. There are few which started at 10 pm ended at 7 am... u can imagine how many topics we covered in this time. Came to know even farting is also painful, we the beewars gumble decided to go for beach with two days to spare
for end sems. By now u might have known why Icalled it as B.......G..........

Went to beach started paining people around us with our musical tones.... had dinner,
where each and every one of us revealed their crushes... n first time we all came by walk from the gate to hostels after that it became a regular costume for us when ever we go out.

Thanks for th Prof..... for giving such a beautiful day in my life.....

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