Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My wingies

As I came to my Wing after having Dinner My heart is becoming much heavier than my belly. Most of my wing mates have already gone. After having spent 3 years with these guys, it’s becoming hard for me to be here and wanting for my turn to run away from this place.
I sat back and those beautiful sights of our fart sessions (we love them a lot)
and movie sessions are wetting my eyes.

Here i want to write something about these guys...

Bellala... (Bell of the wing)

hailing from vizag these guy has an amazing determination in doing things it`s evident from how he lost his weight, u guys wil be really amazed if u see him before and after Btech. Sensitive and he feels shy even to change a shirt in front of us. So caring, he dresses up his comp every time he turns off it.

Babu Veerash.... (Boob Veerash)

Don’t Get away with his nick.. its nothing to do with his physic. I know this guy from my college,
he has been trying to increase his weight from then.. But not succeeded not even added a pound until he started boozing (he claims) if u feel hungry just knock his door at any time u can find some thing to eat. His room has become the kitchen of the wing. This guy has an amazing comp which converts mpg to Jpg files.

Aneesh Reddy.....(Bojja reddy)

This elec stud got his name in last sem when he started doing only three things in life
1) Sleeping 2) Eating 3) Watching....

I miss this guy`s PJ`s a lot... He was so humorous and you would really love to spend your leisure time with him. Never hesitates to help you at any time. He has been my back bone in completing my project with out him i may not have completed. He thinks he lives in Hyderabad, which takes 2 hours to reach his home from city.

K.Chaitanya....( KC)

Cool and silent killer. He is the only guy in our wing who wakes up at 6 AM, even in 8th sem.

Kalyan.... ..... (aadi)

This guy hails from Rayalseema and by now you know why he got that name. Totally movie freak (only english n hindi), there will be some movie running on his comp all the time. you can know his presence in wing by his shouting`s. Cares for his friends a lot. Wants to shop, if he feels sad or happy. Wants to follow the foot steps of bellala in reducing his weight hope he will achieve it. I bet he won’t.

Naveen ...... (Bhema)

People generally get away with his sur name Alluri , but that's not true. He is "bhemavaram bullodu " The coolest chap, will be there to back up you when ever u need. He is also known as Uncle Reasons 1) for his hair 2) All my winges know. Totally depends on his father.

Ganesh ..(Gebu)

This guy loves only tall girls who are shorter than him OB.
Recently he developed major crush on a gult heroine. Got pseud T shirts. Its better to go for shopping with girls rather than with him. Will spend hours to buy a shirt. Resembles gult hero`s.

Anil Kumar....(Safari)

Big Brother for our wing. His room has been the common room, movie theater and gadget room for our wing. The vandi vendor for us. If u have any problem in your comp just got to him. There are people asking help from distant parts of A.P. do you believe it or not its a fact.
Major fan of chiru never ever comment on chiru in front of him you will endup with a sour ass. Gult movie supplier for the whole insti either it be movies, songs or anything . A good singer has a beautiful voice. If there is someone on earth who can compete with "Kumakarna" in sleep it is" safa".


Dream boy for many girls. This politics hero has many fans, boys and girls in insti.
Only who gave himself a nick and popularised it due to fear of getting shady nick.
Too friendly lucky to have him in my friend’s list. Will be there to help u at any time.
Nocturnal, follows US timetable, day starts around 2 PM and ends at 6 0r 7 AM for this guy.

anirudh...(Det ass)

Does any one want the full form or the funda behind his nick contact me. He will kill me if i write here. MUGU god and stud boy. Shaves twice a week to get mustache and beard. He is handsome more than beautiful. Do u want a synonym for hard work take it from me it’s anirudh. King of the wing as he claims is pain god.


Has been my ray of hope for the past 4 years. Belive's in salvation and renunciation. Fan of carnatic music, want’s to be another Gantasala.
U can find a lot here http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=2237575180566283210


Thalp god, If quality of food is good then Quantity doesn’t matters for this guy.
Vandi boy, u can’t find him with out vandi any where out side hostel. Recently he brought a bag which becam integral part of his body. This guy spends hours on phone in unusual times at unusual places.

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